Based in Italy, Bortolato & Partners provide Legal and Trade support for companies developing export sales internationally, with partners in Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We are specialized in Company M&A, Due Diligence, Commercial Contracts, Debt Collections, and Commercial Expansion Strategy. A multidisciplinary consultancy focused on “problem-solving”.

Some of our clients:


Bortolato & Partners International Legal and Trade Consultants

Viale dell’Industria, 23/B – Padova (PD) Italy – 35129
Tel.:  +39 346 8252252
mail: bortolatolaw@libero.it

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Alessio Mainardi

Alessio Mainardi

CEO at Zucchetti Software e Sistemas

Em 9 de setembro de 2014, Alessio era cliente de Julio

I contracted Bortolato & Pontes about 24 months ago and I’ve been working with Julio along the past few months. He’s a great professional with international experience, extremely knowleadgeable and affordable. Based on my experience I would strongly encourage any form to consider Mr. Julio Bortolato as service supplier. He delivered to our firm, great results exceeding our expectations

Contratamos a Bortolato & Pontes 2 anos atras e tive a oportunidade de trabalhar com o Sr. Julio Bortolato nos ultimos meses. Julio è um excelente profissional, tem experiencia internacional, è competente e confiável. Portanto recomendo o Sr. Julio Bortolato como provedor de serviços juridicos jà ele consegui resultados excelentes para o nosso negocios, acima das nossas expectativas.

Alessio Mainardi – CEO at Zucchetti Software e Sistemas

Bob Heibel

Bob Heibel

Founder Mercyhurst University Applied Intelligence Program

Em 16 de agosto de 2010, Bob trabalhava com Julio, mas em empresas diferentes

Over the period of eighteen months Julio acted as an interpreter, and de facto expediter for a potential Brazilan partner. Although the deal did not work out, it was through no fault of Julio. He was totally professional, is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, completely bi-linglual and a pleasure to work with. I reocommend him highly.

Bob Heibel -Founder Mercyhurst University Applied Intelligence Program

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